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Bee | 24 | USA | Cancer
Aspiring Animator | Freelance Illustrator | Aspiring 3d modeler

Simplest Divider by limitless--wings

I am only but a vault keeper. I supply they create~.
Enjoy your look around the vault- stay cautious some of the residents aren't all friendly.

Simplest Divider by limitless--wings

Simplest Divider by limitless--wings

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TLDR: I’m tired,dizzy and feel terrible. I can never catch a break but we have power now and commissions will be open officially sometime next week to pay for damages = n =

We have power after 6 days without. Accessed damage in my room-
The sun room section between my room and the living room filled with water [we assumed there was a drain since WHY HAVE IT IN FUCKING FLORIDA IF THERE IS NO DRAIN?????] but there wasn't so it spilled into the living room we were dealing with that. My room got water covered about half the room before I noticed to go in there for a candle for the living room. Due to sharing a wall with the sun room it seeped into the wall and into my room/closet. 

Damaged: Box spring, Dresser, floors.
Mildly: Bunch of towels and clothing that is currently getting washed.

I saved my desktop in time before the water reached it thankgod. 
It's been hot and miserable. Everyone in our complex had power 48 hrs after the storm hit we and 4 other houses didn't have diddly until just about an hourish ago. 
We've also been sharing our store with our sister stores until their power comes back on but annoyingly they talk shit about me and my roommate an stated how dirty we are yet once we started cleaning and got them to stay the fuck out of our way the store actually LOOKED clean.

bleh later this week- like next thurs or friday. I'll open up some commissions to assist in catching up on bills and paying for damages to my stuff x____x
Oh and food because everything we had spoiled or was eaten and we're broke, hungry college kids that are finally cooling off infront of a fan.
I still feel extremely dizzy from all this heat and discomfort. I know Im dehydrated but despite drinking some water earlier my condition hasn't improved so there is that for pushing commissions to later next week.
I'm alive
Irma wasn't shit just Duke Energy is a terrible company with responding to matters like so. [FPL and the other power company of Orlando] had a higher outage then Duke and got a lot of their customers up and running a good portion day 1 and 2. Of course not counting EXTREMELY damaged areas that need to be accessed/saved but shit. Oh when also nicely calling and asking if the reason we don't have power is if we have worse damage or something the support for duke told me "you should of had a back up plan. If you have a heatstroke it's your fault" SO YEA FUCK DUKE ENERGY LOLOL.  

Oh my nana is also okay. She told me a tree fell into the yard but that was the most damage she got. Which I figured would be as much despite being on nearish to the beach her house has withstood a hell of a lot worse storms and flooding.

Okay Im done babbling night yall.


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Arrow left by Drawn-Mario ||Main Scenario||
Tori's chibi - Shading
Keyblink by Twistyd

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Sketchbook Database - sketching
Muffet Fanart - Shading

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Redraw Kiri's gift - planning
Redraw Ashiji - planning

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004. F.A.Q

Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: Dunno you tell me

Q: How old are you?
A: 23 years young

Q: What program do you use to draw?
A: Paint Tool Sai // Photoshop CS6 // FireAlpaca // Clip Paint Studio

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: [switch] between a intous 5 and cintiq companion hybrid

Q: Friends?
A: I'm fairly easy to talk to so you can always message me! Then we'll see ouo/

Q: Commissions?
A: Closed ATM

Q: Draw me something?! : D
A: I dont do requests sorry.

Q: When do I send payment for my commission?
A: For point commissions I want them right after I approve your order. For regular commissions either after I approve your order and send a inquiry.

Q: Do I have a say on the pose?
A: You can suggest but it's MUCH easier if you let me pull something out of my hat.You get a much better picture that way!



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